Optimize with QuickBooks

I want to talk to you today about some accounting software we often use at our CPA firm. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it, QuickBooks.

And I can’t express how important it is if you have a business, whether you have a small business or medium-sized business, a large business. I can’t impress you on how important it is to keep track of your income and expenses throughout the year. We have clients who want us to help them with budgeting, planning, cash flow, and tax planning. And we can’t do that without a clear picture of where you’re at. And one of the things that

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I’ve seen repeatedly is that many of our clients use QuickBooks, but they don’t really use it to its full potential, or they don’t use it accurately. So they come in and see us at the end of the year. You’re in tax planning or after the end of the year to do their taxes, or we wind up sometimes having a hard time using it, and it takes many adjustments.

So QuickBooks has many different, versions or modules or options. You’ve got QuickBooks Online, you’ve got QuickBooks Pro, you’ve got QuickBooks Premier, and Point of Sale Enterprise, all different, different packages to fit almost any size business.

A QuickBooks also has an excellent open architecture that you can have, say, industry-specific software that you can then map into QuickBooks. So QuickBooks will import your industry-specific software into QuickBooks, and you can integrate both those packages and have one reporting system, which would be QuickBooks.

So here at the office, I’ve got several staff members that are QuickBooks Pro Advisors, certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and I highly recommend that you reach out to us and give us a call. I know that there are probably many things that we can do to help you more efficiently. Use QuickBooks in your workspace and your environment to help you run more efficiently.
Over the years, we’ve seen people use QuickBooks say quite efficiently, generate the invoice, and maybe pay bills on the balance sheet. When it comes to more, I’ll say, complicated topics of QuickBooks like job costing, manufacturing, accounting, either even like a point of sale, retail type system and inventory. That’s where most folks start to have some problems. And so, if you’ve got a service business, QuickBooks, you’re probably using it quite effectively. But if you start getting beyond the basic accounting, chances are you’re probably not using it to its full potential. And QuickBooks is a straightforward program to use with some training. So you’re probably out there thinking you don’t want to get involved and have to learn anything more about QuickBooks.

It does what you need to do, and it might. But there are so many things that it can do that you probably aren’t aware of and can help you run your business more effectively. So even if you’re using QuickBooks and you think you’re using it well, I highly recommend you give us a call. Let us go through it with you. We can probably find some ways we can help improve your processes. And if you know you’re not using it to its full potential, you need to call us. Come sit down with us, meet with our staff and let us help you use this program to its full potential to not only help you run your business and make decisions on a daily, weekly, monthly annual basis or help us, the two of us work together to help you run your business more efficiently. From a tax planning standpoint, since we’ve been around businesses for many, many years, we work with a lot of different clients and probably have some tips and tricks we can pass on to you, help you run your business and help your day flow more efficiently as you use the software. So please call us at Suncoast CPA Group and let us help you.

Optimize with QuickBooks