Even though a non-profit organization does not pay taxes, they still have to file some sort of information return to the IRS. Another stipulation that non-profits must follow is that their tax information and some additional such as a mission statement have to be accessible to the public. When it comes to this kind of information with non-profit organizations, New Port Richey residents might want access it, but don’t know who they should talk to or when it can be viewed. There are many ways that an individual can get a hold of the information published by a non-profit company.

Who Does the Public Talk to For Non-Profit Tax Information?

Regardless if the company is filing a tax return or an annual information return, the government entity that is in charge of handling this is the IRS. The IRS makes it possible for an individual to submit a 4506-A form that is a request for public inspection or copy of exempt organization. When it comes to non-profit Organizations, New Port Richey residents are allowed to have physical copies of any non-profit tax information. Some people may choose to purchase copies of these scanned forms in DVD’s and electronic format such as a PDF.

What Kind of Information does a 4506-A form Allow Access to?

The 4506-A form lets an individual access a lot of information from a non-profit organization as long as they file to the correct office for the IRS. With non-profit organizations, New Port Richey residents can even get a copy of the initial exemption applications that a company as to fill out in order to qualify for a tax exemption. People can also get access to a non-profit’s determination letter or mission statement, which is an important part to make sure a non-profit is doing what they as supposed to. Other information that individuals have access to if they want is 1023 or 1024 forms.

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