New Port Richey has a thriving business community, but in order to succeed, you must manage your financials properly. An experienced accountant can oversee your company’s financial management tasks, leaving you free to do whatever it is that you do best! In fact, even individuals can benefit from the help of an experienced accounting professional. But how do you find the right accountant to handle your needs? Consider the following.

New Port Richey business owners can hire an accountant to handle a variety of different tasks and projects, including everyday tasks like bookkeeping, payroll management, ordering stock, and managing account receivables and account payables.

Your accountant can also assist with other projects, such as financial auditing, tax accounting and capital accounting. In fact, many accountants are considered specialists, who may deal in specialties such as:

* internal audits;

* forensic accounting;

* managerial accounting;

* tax accounting;

* environmental accounting; and

* information technology accounting (also known as IT accounting).

These are just a few of the many different specialties in accounting. New Port Richey companies may wish to seek out an accountant in one of these specific areas in some cases.

What is a CPA? Why Should I Hire a CPA to Oversee My Accounting?

A certified public accountant or CPA is an accounting professional who is licensed by the state. In order to obtain status as a CPA, an accountant must fulfill a number of different requirements, including:

* a bachelor’s degree or a certain number of college credit hours in accounting or a similar financial field;

* a minimum number of years (typically from one to two years) spent working as a general accountant;

* passing a CPA exam and, in many states, an ethics exam as well;

* undergoing a background check and fingerprinting;

The requirements for becoming a certified public accountant do vary from state to state. Many companies may wish to run their own background check when hiring an accountant to work exclusively for their business. In addition, it’s also wise to request references from past clients who can give you a feel for the accountant’s abilities.

Hiring a CPA ensures that you enjoy greater accuracy and precision with your accounting, whether it’s for your business, an organization or your personal finances. In addition, you will enjoy greater peace

of mind knowing that you have hired an experienced professional who can focus on the financials while you tend to other areas of your business (or, in the case of an individual, your life!)

*Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Suncoast CPA Group*

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