A CPA or certified public accountant is licensed in one or more of the nation’s 50 states. In order to obtain this certification, the accountant must pass what’s considered to be a fairly challenging exam. This CPA exam is administered by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA).

CPAs are also required to attend continuing education courses in order to maintain their certification through periodic renewals. While an accounting degree may not always be required, most states require aspiring accounts to obtain at least 150 college credits in order to take the exam.

A CPA may work as part of an accounting firm or they may work exclusively for just one client (i.e. an accountant who oversees a company’s financials.)

Brooksville natives should perform a bit of research when hiring a CPA or other professional.

When seeking a CPA, Brooksville business owners should always enquire about the individual’s area of professional expertise because not all certified public accountants specialize in the same niche.

CPAs can offer a large range of different services, including tax and financial planning services, assurance and business financial audit services, consulting services, forensic accounting services, environmental accounting services, information technology (IT)-related financial and accounting services or even international accounting services.

Ideally, the CPA whom you select should specialize in the area (or areas) where you require assistance. Some CPAs limit their service offerings to just one area, while others offer a broader range of services. So it’s important to ask about the CPA’s specific area of expertise.

Notably, when hiring a CPA, Brooksville clients can rest easy knowing that each CPA must undergo a background check during the licensing process in order to confirm their “good moral character.” But in some cases, these checks are only performed during the initial certification process. So some may opt to run an independent background check prior to hiring a CPA for a long-term project.

If you’re hiring a CPA firm, you may wish to read client reviews or request references, just as you would with any service provider. This can provide a prospective client with added confidence in their certified public accountant. Trust is a major part of the equation since CPAs deal with money.

When retaining a CPA’s services, it’s also wise to enquire about their fee structure. Some may charge hourly, while in other cases, the fee may be by the task or project.

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