Most people are pretty good about filing their taxes and paying back anything that they own, but in most cases, people will get a refund. If someone does have to pay additional for their taxes, they have two options. One option is to try to do everything themselves and file on their own, the other option is to hire a professional CPA in order to help an individual with their tax preparation. Hernando Beach residents should be aware that there can be repercussions for someone who chooses not to file their taxes, not pay them back, or if they avoid the IRS if they try to contact someone.

When Someone Fails to File Their Taxes

Even if someone does not owe in monetary value in taxes from the past year, they can still be repercussions for failing to file the necessary forms during their tax preparation. Hernando Beach residents should know that the penalty is five percent of their unpaid taxes for each month their tax returns are late. This number may accumulate as high as twenty-five percent. If someone has not filed their taxes I more than sixty days, then they will have to a minimum of one-hundred and thirty-five dollars, or one-hundred percent of the taxes that are owed, depending on which is more.

Filing Taxes with an Unpaid Amount

Another possibility that can happen to someone is that they file their tax returns with the IRS, but they do not actually pay back the taxes that they still owe. If this is the case then the IRS will charge someone a failure-to-pay penalty. After tax preparation, Hernando Beach residents would generally be charging a half a percent of their unpaid taxes each month they do not pay, and it can also go as high as twenty-five percent. It is important for people to know that interest does accumulate on unpaid taxes, so it is important to pay them off as quickly as possible if they were left unpaid after filing. 

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