Many business owners wish that they had some additional help when it comes to the financial aspect of doing business. Most business owners will come to the conclusion that they are looking at one of two professionals: either a bookkeeper or an accountant. A bookkeeper for example, tends to focus more with physical transactions and recording and logging changes in cash. Some Bookkeepers have switched from physical logs and records to virtual versions such as quickbook services. Spring Hill business owners who need additional help such as filing for taxes and trying to find deductible expenditures might want to consider hiring an accountant because they are certified individuals with a more broader view of business operations.

What is it that a Bookkeeper Does?

Comparing a bookkeeper to an accountant is a very difficult thing because a lot of their regular duties are very similar. A lot of the size and type of business an owner has can dictate what it is a bookkeeper can do, but usually they are in charge of recording sales transactions, documenting business expenses, and take care of employee payroll. While traditionally book keepers have always kept their ledgers in books hence the name, but modern bookkeepers are switching to virtual alternatives such as quickbook services. Spring Hill business owners who are just staring out a business or that are in the expansion phase might benefit more from a bookkeeper as they may not need all the extra benefits of a certified accountant.

What Does an Accountant Do?

Accountants are known to do all of what a bookkeeper can do and then some. A lot of what an accountant is tested on to be certified is tax information and tax code understanding. Not only do they have to know this for their certification, but because the tax code is subjected to change they must constantly be up-to-date. While an accountant can do bookkeeping like with quickbook services, Spring Hill business owners would better be suited to have their accountants handles itemization and tax exemptions for filing your company’s claims.

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