Many people have come in contact with or at least heard of some form of international non-profit Organizations. Trinity residents might know these companies by their official name, an international NGO or non-government organization, but that does not give any information as to what they are and how they operate. Often times international NGO’s are split into two groups, those entities that choose to do advocacy work, and those who do operational work. In fact, it is often a common occurrence that a non-profit organization will do a little of both depending on the issue they are trying to highlight, or how they are being effective with their resources.

IF International NGO’s are Non-profit, how do they Pay for Their Services?

Many people do not see how a company can call themselves a non-profit organization if they are stilling paying for employees and items to help with their cause. While it is true that these companies are not making money for themselves, they are still receiving money from other sources, such as from the government themselves or through other philanthropy donations. When it comes to non-profit Organizations, Trinity residents should be aware that there are other ways of paying for non-profit expenditures than by being a for-profit company.

What Kind of Issues Do International NGO’s Deal With?

International NGO’s can help communities around the world in many ways, but it is most common to see a non-profit organization helping with humanitarian efforts. This includes issues such as helping to stop hunger, or helping in disaster ridden areas with extensive property damage or environmental damage. When it comes to international non-profit organizations, Trinity residents might see conservation efforts overseas, both for animals and for environmental causes. There are many issues that international non-profits can help with.

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