Very rarely do instances of fraud make headlines at news outlets unless it is associated with a larger corporation that many people are familiar with. This is because unlike other crimes, fraud is usually something that is not committed by someone with immediate results, and take a while to develop overtime. Like a detective solving a case for their city, an accountant who specializes in identifying fraud and pursuing action against the individuals who made fraudulent actions is known as a certified fraud examiner. Weeki Wachee residents are probably unfamiliar with the actions that a certified fraud examiner does in order to catch someone who is being fraudulent with their actions.

What does Fraud Look Like from an Examiners Perspective?

It is often hard for individuals to prove that someone or some company has been committing fraudulent actions over time because fraud often goes unnoticed. In fraud cases there is often some for of evidence to suggest that something isn’t adding up, but it is often buried in a pile of papers or ledgers, as well as information that is posted electronically. As a certified fraud examiner, Weeki Wachee professionals will have to draw from their accounting knowledge to understand or notice that something is wrong. Usually figures are not matching up or documents or not covering information accurately which leads professionals to believe that something fraudulent is occurring, be that on purpose or unintentionally.

How is Legal Action Taken in a Fraud Case?

Like any other type of crime that an individual can commit, in order to be taken to jail and tried for a crime, there has to be substantial evidence to suggest that someone was committing fraudulent actions. As a certified fraud examiner, Weeki Wachee professionals need to make the distinction between a fraudulent charge committed against the state and the federal government because it can drastically dictate the course of action for legal professionals and the defendants they represent.

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